HO scale Kits Not Currently Available

This webpage is an archive for Resin Car Works kits that are not currently available. Links remain active for each kit to access the pages of extra details, directions, and prototype images.

Kit 11.0 - Great Northern Mid-Century 40-foot, 6-inch, Composite Wood-Sheathed Boxcars
Mini-kit 2.01 - Fruit Growers Express truss rod refrigerator car parts
Mini-kit 1.01 - Pullman Standard “Carbuilders” corrugated ends
Kit 8.01 - CB&Q XM-32 AAR 40-foot steel boxcar
Kit 7.0 - UTLX Class X 6,500-gallon tank cars
Kit SE 1.0 - GATX Type 30 8,000-gallon tank cars
Kit 6.0 - AC&F Type 27, 10,000-gallon, insulated tank cars
Kit 5.0
Missouri Pacific 50’-6” 50-Ton All-Steel Automobile Cars and Bx Express Box Cars
Kit 4.01 - Union Tank Line (UTLX) Class X-3 10,000-gallon tank car
Kit 3.0
Soo Line/Wisconsin Central, Pullman-Standard, Square-Corner Box Cars
Kit 2.0 - Enterprise design, 33-foot, offset-side, twin hopper
Kit 1.0 - ACF Type 27 Acid Tank Cars