About Resin Car Works

Thank you for your interest in Resin Car Works. I have been a prototype modeler for many years, producing patterns for kits that were marketed by my friend the late Martin Lofton of Sunshine Models. Several freight car projects were started with Martin but regrettably not finished due to his passing. Friends began to ask me what I was going to do with all the unfinished patterns. Resin Car Works is the result.

Resin Car Works is not a business in the traditional sense. Its purpose is to share my interest in prototype railroad freight cars and their operations with you to provide unique and different equipment that isn’t readily available. I have a few friends who assist with various production phases, so it’s not quite a one-man operation. Rather, Resin Car Works is more of a consortium of prototype modelers working towards the final product.

We hope these kits will inspire, encourage, and enable you to create HO scale freight car models. Resin Car Works products are intended to reflect prototype freight car designs that were once common elements of everyday life. Remember that without the load in the freight car there’s no reason for a locomotive or track.

Because Resin Car Works is a bit different, to help answer questions and comments and to prevent misunderstandings please note the following set of operating rules:

  1. All sales are final. There will be no exchanges or returns. Missing or defective parts will be replaced if the original purchaser so requests within the first 30 days after shipment. Don’t ask us to replace parts that you lose or damage.
  2. All kits will be run in batches of approximately 100, with additional batches run as demand warrants. There may be delays in filling orders for “mature” kits as we wait for demand to justify additional molds. Sales will be made through the Internet using a PDF order form to print out, complete, and send in with payment. Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis.
  3. Kits will contain only the custom parts; resin castings, decals, any special parts like photo-etchings, brake parts and instructions. You will have to supply all the small pieces of wire, styrene, grabs irons, etc. With the limited amount of time that’s available for hobbies, I would rather spend it creating new models then counting out small pieces of wire and grabs.
  4. Our aim is that you will want to build these kits and operate them on your layout. Every effort has been made to minimize the number of parts to speed kit construction. Bulk commodity cars like hoppers and gons will come with cast on grabs so that a large fleet can be assembled quickly. These types of kits may appear more like undecorated plastic than resin, but they are highly accurate models of specific prototypes.

Frank Hodina - Resin Car Works
rcw2 at resincarworks dot com