Available HO scale Kits

Production runs will be limited with no guarantee of reruns.

Please keep in mind these important points about Resin Car Works kits.

  1. All kits will be run in limited batches. Additional limited batches of specific kits may be run as demand warrants.
  2. All kits will contain custom parts; resin castings, decals, any special parts like photo-etchings, brake parts and instructions. These parts are supplied by small garage operations and arrive in batches for kit packaging. Staggered arrival of kit parts could delay filling orders for several months before everything is on hand.

Several previously produced kits are not currently available.

Details for out of production kits can be reviewed on the Resin Car Works Kit archive page.


Kit 2.01 - Illinois Central, Enterprise design, 33-foot, offset-side, twin hopper

From 1937 to 1949, 12,000 of these offset-side twin hoppers were manufactured for the Illinois Central by a variety of builders, including the railroad itself.

This is a one-piece resin body and detail parts, Accurail AB brake set, Tichy hopper weights, and Microscale decals. Everything else, like trucks, couplers, eyebolts, stirrups, wire, etc., is supplied by the modeler.

Kit 2.01 reissue is $35, plus shipping.

Please print out and complete this order form with the proper item code and quantity, then send it in with payment to the address on the form.

Check out this page of extra files to assist in your hopper car builds.